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Program Areas

The LMO/IAA handles administrative matters for the USFJ Employees such as recruitment, furnishing, labor management, wage, welfare and health in order to secure the workforce for the U.S. Forces stationed in Japan.
The performance records of those duties that the LMO/IAA conducts are as follows.

Labor Management

LMO takes charge of recruitment and doing procedures of personnel affairs such as employment and retirement, etc. to secure necessary workforce for the United States Forces, Japan.

The number of USFJ employees at the end of JFY 2023 by each contract became as follows:


the end of JFY 2023 20,775 14 4,990 25,779


LMO takes charge of computation of monthly pay, summer allowance, year-end allowance and retirement allowance of about 26,000 USFJ Employees.

■The number of eligible employees to be paid monthly-pay, summer allowance, year-end allowance and wage revision differential, and the amount of each of these in JFY 2023 became as follows:

Item Monthly pay Summer allowance
Year-end Allowance
Wage revision Diferential Total
Eligible employees
315,854 51,817 28,671 396,342
101,864 32,727 1,193 135,784


The performance records of the benefits for USFJ employees are as follows :

Item JFY2023 Outline
Calamity Benefits Number of cases 0 LMO provides Calamity Benefits to USFJ employees or dependents whose houses or assets are damaged or who died in natural disasters such as floods, fires, earthquakes and typhoons.
Amount of benefits
Uniform and Protective Clothing Purchased cost
332,831 LMO furnishes uniforms and protective clothing which are necessary for work to USFJ employees commensurate with the type of their jobs.
Retirement Preparation Seminar Number of trainees 666 LMO holds Retirement Preparation Seminars for USFJ employees aged 50 and over. This seminar provides necessary knowledge for them after retirement, such as life planning, retirement allowance system, post-retirement employment system and pension system.
Adult Disease Preventive Health Examination Number of examinees 11,299 LMO implement seven kinds of tests; Gastric test, Electro cardiogram test, liver function test, uterine cancer test, breast cancer test, large intestine cancer test and lung cancer test for employees who are not eligible age for regular medical check-up which is conducted by the Ministry of Defense,
Mental Health Counseling Hotline Number of cases 386 LMO provides mental health counseling service through outsourced professionals to USFJ employees and their family members to reduce or solve mental anxiety, unfitness in the workplace, etc. due to loss of confidence, etc.
Work and Life Counseling Number of cases 217 LMO provides counseling services at each branch to reduce or solve USFJ employee's concern or anxiety, etc. related workplace and private life.
Special Support Benefit Amount of benefit
44,262 LMO provides additional benefits to the Industrial Accident Compensation Insurance:
Special Support Benefit for Absense from Work when an employee who doesn't get paid due to work related accident or a commutation accident, Special Support Benefit for Disability when the employee remains disabled after medical treatment, Special Support Benefit for Bereaved Family when an employee dies.
Health Management Office Number of health guidance, etc. 5,644 For the purpose of improving health and wellness of the employees, the Health Management Office has been established in LMO branch offices (except Kyotango Branch), in cooperation with Ministry of Defense (MOD), where industrial physicians and public health nurses who are hired by MOD can work together and provide health counseling and consultation, etc.
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